LitTV Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is LitTV?
A: LitTV is an adult only community for sharing sex story videos.

Q: What is a "sex story video"?
A: A sex story video is a video with an adult theme and a story at its core. Imagine your are having an intimate moment with your significant other - to make it even hotter, you tell them about the time you gave your college math teacher a blowjob in his office after class. Instead of telling that story to your significant other, tell it to the camera and share it with your LitTV followers.

Q: What kind of videos should I post?
A: Any video with a story them. Check our Video Ideas page for suggestions.

Q: Can I post hardcore in my videos?
A: For now, LitTV is not accepting hardcore videos. There are millions of website that publish hardcore adult content. Our community wants to focus more on hot stories.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what type of stories I can post?
A: Please make sure that all characters involved in adult situations in your stories are of the legal age. Also, please don't post stories that implicate yourself or others in serious illegal activity. And don't share personally identifying information about anyone in your videos.

Q: What if I find a video that violates the LitTV rules?
A: Please click the "Report This Video" icon and let us know. We will review any videos reported to us and take action where needed.

Q: Can I post my LitTV videos to Literotica or other websites?
A: Yes, LitTV videos can be embedded on other websites. Just click the "Share" icon below any video to get the embed code.

To post a LitTV video on Literotica, please create a normal story submission on Literotica. Copy the video embed code (change the size to 480x276) into the Story Text field in your Literotica submission. Then submit the story as usual to Literotica.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Feel free to Contact Us anytime with questions or suggestions!