LitTV Video Ideas

What kind of video sex stories are you going to create and publish? Here are a few ideas based on the interests of LitTV viewers:

My First Time
Stories of first time experiences are some of the most popular videos here are LitTV. What's more sexy than hearing about the first time someone tried something new? First time videos can be about losing your virginity, first orgasm, about your first lesbian/gay experience, you first threesome, first time trying BDSM, first public sex, or anything else that you've never done before.

Sexual Fantasies
Everyone has sexy fantasies, share yours and you'll be surprised how many viewers have similar fantasies. Or, if you have really crazy fantasies, maybe you'll be the one surprising your viewers!

Wives Having Sex Fun
One of the original inspirations for this site was the idea that wives often tell their husbands stories about their previous sexual adventures while being intimate. Whether it's cheating or cuckold or swinging or anything else, share your stories as a wife or husband!

Adult How To
Have a secret for deep throating? Know how to have a more intense orgasm? Got the perfect pickup line? Share your sex secrets with other adults and let's improve our sex lives together. (Please no medical advice or anything that might cause people to harm themselves.)

Romantic Stories
Do you have a cute romantic story about how your met your spouse, how he/she proposed, or some other cute things that happened to you? Everyone loves an "awwwwww" moment to brighten their day.

Funny Anecdotes
Did something hilarious happen to you during an intimate moment? Bad blind date experience you never forgot? If you're still laughing later, we want to laugh with you!

Your Opinions on Sex
Do you have an opinion on the state of relationships and sex today? Something make you happy or something bother you? Go ahead, get it off your chest or get opinions from other members.

Anything Else
Let your imagination run wild!

Please check back as we'll add more video story ideas in the future. If you'd like to contribute story ideas for LitTV creators you can either make a video with your ideas or send them to us for consideration for inclusion on this page.